Friday, September 22, 2006


Why are they so many brainless people/ system still exist in the world? Ok, there are two things that really made me pissed off last 2 days.
Case 1
I know I haven't been complaining much ever since I left the hell in Shah Alam. I thought I will not be complaining on the stupid @$$hol3 PM anymore after I left the project for good. But why do they always have problems with the system? Why can't they leave me in peace? Ok, I understand that I have to help them fix the problem and I'm willing to help them, it's totally not a problem at all. When the customer calls and tell you that their system is having some problem, to my understanding, the customer, of course has to inform the stupid @$$hol3 PM first before informing me, as this @$$hol3 is stationed at their place. Then just let the @$$hol3 does all the calling and allocating people to fix the problem. But this very "kind" customer, never inform the @$$hol3 before informing me. So, I logged in remotely to help in to fix the problem and suddenly I found out that the email that he sent to me regarding the problem never Cc to the @$$hol3. So, to save my @$$, I sent an SMS to him, asking him to inform the @$$hol3 that I'm doing something on the system. Aiii...I don't know how this customer told the @$$hol3 that I've logged in to the system. This stupid @$$hol3 quickly called me once he knew about it. He said, "Lisan ahh, can you inform me first before you do anything on the PRD system ahh?? No wonder I found the PRD system is so slow." Excuse me, I had already done with my work the time you called and I never find the system was crawling even when I was doing my work and don't forget, I was logging in remotely, which means it will definitely be slower. You should advise the customer to inform you first before asking me to log in, since you're the PM for the project, isn't it? You're there full time and you don't know that they're having problem with the system. I wonder what are you doing there whole day? Kaypoh'ing whether people using their yahoo messenger or not, doing the never ending and always-having-problem authorization issue, and doing the stupid statistics to find out whether the users logged in and do their work or not. Do you know that you're the worst and the most useless PM ever exist on this planet?
Case 2
Anything that really made me very pissed off last night. The very popular telecommunication company, Mxxxs, or better known as the 0x2 is such a big company but they're using the most ciplak system and hiring the most lousy staff. I had made a complain in July when I found that I was charged RM5 for the itemised billing, which should be waived as I was only receiving the e-billing. When I made the first complain, the consultant told me that they will deduct it back in my August statement. Alright, I was fine with that. When I received my August statement, I found out that it was not deduct from my bill. Ok, I made a complain again and their consultant told me that they did not have enough time to make the adjustment. So that means, the adjustment will only be reflected in the September statement. Alright, alright, alright. When I checked on my September statement last night, the adjustment was not made. I called and complained this again last night, guess what the consultant told me this time. He told me that to his knowledge, the itemised billing fees will not be waived for the first month. I told him that I had 2 other supplementary line and the itemised billing fees were waived for these 2 numbers on the first month itself. Why are you telling me now that it's not waived for the first month? Why didn't your colleague tell me about this when I first made the complain? Isn't it ridiculous? And to my surprise, I was charged for RM10.32 on one of my supplementary line, which I had requested to terminate the line last month. When I told them about this, they said that the line is still active. What the heck...what is the purpose of me calling to terminate the line? I still remember that they even called me once few weeks ago asking whether I would like to reconnect the line and I'm very sure that I told them that I don't need the line anymore. The funniest part was, before I ended the conversation, this stupid consultant was asking me to give him a good rating when I receive an sms asking on their service. I had to tell him to look through all the history calls that I made and even go through all the recordings to find out what I had told his colleagues. He promised to investigate the case and return the call to me today but till now, I still haven't received any call from them. Do you think I'll still give them a very good rating? I have to think twice.