Monday, July 31, 2006

側田 One Good Show 演唱會 (2CD)

If you like 側田, Justin, I'm sure you'll love this album as well. It's a collection of songs from his concert which was held in Hong Kong Coliseum on the 26th March 2006. In this concert, he did not only sing the songs from 1st and 2nd album, he also performed other songs from Leo Ku, Jacky Cheung and Leon Lai. Not only that he also performed some English songs like I believe I can fly. The guests of honour for this concert were Miriam 楊千嬅 and 林海峰 . Both of them duet a song each with 側田.
Disc 1
01. 命硬
02. 不可一世
03. 傷追人
04. 走音
05. 我有今日
06. Volar
07. 二等天使
08. 情永落
09. Lately
10. I Believe I Can Fly
11. You Are So Beautiful
12. 月半灣
Disc 2
01. Erica
02. Loving You
03. 你的名字我的姓氏
04. 有過去的女人 - 楊千嬅+側田
05. 美麗之最
06. 大雄
07. 逢星期四
08. 流行曲 - 側田+林海峰
09. 運
10. 我不是好人
11. 決戰二世祖
12. Kong
13. 好人