Monday, August 07, 2006

Midori Japanese Restaurant

One word I can think of when someone mentions about Japanese food...that is...Oishi! (meaning delicious). I realized that LKC and I love to eat Japanese food very much. We will have at least 2-3 times of Japanese food in a month. For the past few months, we had been enjoying the Japanese food very much. We had been trying the Japanese buffet in Jogoya, Starhill and had been there twice. We had also been trying the Japanese buffet in Shogun, 1-Utama for twice as well. On and off, we will be going to Sakae Sushi at The Curve if we are running out of idea on what to eat.

Last Saturday, LKC and I were craving for a Japanese meal again. We went to Midori Japanese Restaurant at Marriott, Putrajaya for a Japanese buffet dinner. LKC been to this restaurant before for his aunt's wedding and he was saying that the food is not bad and the most important is they're serving my favourite Sukiyaki, which is quite difficult to find nowadays, not even in Jogoya nor Shogun.
With a little bit of money left from the bonus I received, I paid for this dinner and it was a good deal as it only costed RM63++ per pax. There is a wide selection of food to choose from...sushi, sashimi, oysters, sukiyaki, udon, salad, tempura, teppanyaki, desserts and many many more.

(Clockwise)Oysters, Beef Teppanyaki, Seafood Teppanyaki, Sukiyaki, and Vegetable Teppanyaki.

Enjoying my dinner.

The pudding, doraeyaki and some chocolate.

I specially made a bowl of Fuji Snow for my LKC. It looked nice and it tasted "nice" too...hahaha. Look at LKC's expression...he was "enjoying" the Fuji Snow that I made...hehehe. Ok lar, sorry lar, I know it tasted awful. I already told you that I just wanted to play.

The Fuji Snow that I made.

LKC was "enjoying" the Fuji Snow I made specially for him.

After the dinner, we were walking around the hotel before leaving. Drove around Putrajaya before heading back home. Never thought that they were so many people at Putrajaya at night, but most of them are Malays. Wonder what were they doing there....Anyway, we had a happy weekend.