Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Hungry Ghost Month

Can you imagine how free I am lately? I changed my blog skin during working hours. Complained to Fei Pin most of the time how bored I was all the time. Well, there's nothing much of work for me to do this week as it's a training week for the project that I'm working on now. I just have to be there to stand by, in case the system is down or something, I will have to troubleshoot it.
Today is the Chor 1 of the month of July in Lunar calendar. That means it's the hungry ghost month. Seems like this month is not a holy month. It's just the 1st day of the month and things seem to be not running smoothly.
Early this morning while I was still driving to Shah Alam, I received a call from my senior saying that he's on MC. I was fine with that as whether he was there or not, I still had to conduct the training. It didn't make any difference anyway. Once I reached at the customer's place, tried to log in to the system to do some daily checks. Shit...got a message pop-up saying "xxx...system timed out". Huh...problem signing in? First thing came in to my mind, please don't do this to me. All the users need to use the system today. Don't fool me please. Quickly get the server room key from the secretary and found out that the server had been shut down. What the heck...who shut down the server? Without wasting my time, quickly started up the server. Tried to start SAP, holy shit...why the status is in yellow colour and not green colour?? Aiyoyo, kept on refreshing the system. Still yellow colour...stopped the database. Restarted the server...started the SAP again, still yellow colour. Kept on refreshing the system. My colleagues were all looking for me already. They couldn't login to the system. I quickly called up another senior of mine, requested him to come over as I was afraid that the system crashed because someone shut down the server without following the proper procedure. Still trying very hard to refresh the system...pop...suddenly all the messages came out and the status had turned to green. Wheeww...lucky, all the users could proceed with the training.
I had to conduct a training on the morning session, waited for all the users to be seated....waited...waited...waited for at least 30 minutes only I could start the training. Blah...blah...blah...any questions? No? That's all. Thank you.
I had nothing to do after the training. The time was only 10.30am. Sigh...acting here and there. Pretending to be very hardworking. I wasn't feeling very well, my whole body is aching and my throat is very uneasy also. But no choice, I still had to be there. Around 11.00a.m, received a call from my tour agent. She informed me that my Korea has been cancelled. (Refer to my previous post). Aiyo, where got so bad luck one. All the bad things happened in one day. Ok fine, I still had to continue my acting. Later in the afternoon, an SAP consultant called from India asking me to confirm something with him. So I went to check with my @sshole PM and found out that the session which was scheduled to be performed on next Monday had been rescheduled to 17th - 18th August. Harrr....what does it mean? Aiii...it means that the system was supposed to Go-Live on the 18th August had been postponed. Postponed to when? No idea...until further notice. This also means that I have to stay in the project for a longer period, which I really don't wish to happen. Sigh...
At around 8.30pm just now, received an SMS from Chun Nee saying that Fei Pin's grandmother has passed away. See...I've already said, all the bad things can happen in a day. "Bad things come in a bundle".
At around 9.30pm, received a call from my senior again. He told me that he has 2 days of MC...meaning that he won't be going to work also tomorrow. Sigh, I thought it's my turn to take MC tomorrow as my body is quite warm now, guess my dear friend, fever is back to find me again. But sigh...I can't take MC tomorrow, I'll have another session of training to be conducted tomorrow and the vendor will be coming over to fix the tape drive which has been delayed for more than 2 months and now they're finally here. No choice, I just have to go to work tomorrow. Sigh...
Hopefully I will not receive anymore "sui" news. I've had enough for today. I can't accept anymore.