Monday, July 31, 2006

Korean BBQ

Went to a Korean BBQ restaurant for lunch at Taipan, USJ on last Saturday. Too bad I forgot to take photos on this delicious lunch...maybe I was too busy eating and eating. We ordered beef and pork for the barbeque and also a kimchi soup served with rice. Before the main course was served, they served us with at least 8 side dishes which included the famous kimchi, mashed potato, some vegetables, sausages, steam egg and many many more. LKC and I were so "kampung", we didn't know how to eat the barbequed meat. Luckily there was a waiter serving us all the time. He barbequed the meat for us, not just showing us on how to cook it. He actually cooked all the meat for us. First time we received such a treatment because we went to the Bar-B-Q Plaza in 1-Utama before, they just showed us on how to cook it only. Not only this restaurant, the rest of the restaurants will actually show you on how to cook it only and leave everything else for you to d-i-y. That's why I think it's the only time I felt worthy paying the 10% service charge. You guys must go and give it a try. Though it's a bit expensive, but it's really worth paying the money if you receive good service and good food. The restaurant is located at Taipan, USJ. It's located at the new building nearby Mc'D and it's directly behind the True Fitness building.