Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Skin Food

Lately I've been very addicted to this Korean beauty products named Skin Food. Since I've got a little bit of bonus this month, I've rewarded myself with a new set of facial products from this Skin Food. Currently I'm using Biotherm and have been using this brand for more than a year. The range of products that I'm using right now is called Acnopur which is meant for acne-prone skin. This product is good, it actually improved my acne problem but it does not give me the result that I wish for. I've been very bored using this product for such a long period. Since my facial wash and moisturiser are going to finish, I've decided to try something new. I've tried the Cucumber Soothing Mask from Skin Food and found that the product is actually not bad. It does not only cleanse the dirt on my face, it gives moisture and hydration back to my face as well. I love this Cucumber Soothing Mask very much and it isn't expensive at all. It only costs less than RM40 and can be used for many many times. Last night, I've tested the Watermelon Mask Sheet and the result was very good too. This is abit costly, it costs RM8.60 per sheet and cannot be re-used.

The beauty products that I've bought this time are Tea Tree Washable Cleasing Gel, Sea Vegetable Toner, Tea Tree Essensce, Sea Vegetable Emulsion and Snow Tea Mask Sheet. It only costed me RM160 for 5 products, isn't it a good deal? But the result...not sure. Will need to try on it first. Wish me luck...ok?