Friday, July 28, 2006

Happy Weekend

I've changed my blogskin again. Just too free...nothing to do right now as I'm on MC today. My notebook is just next to my bed, without having to get my butt off the bed, I'm still able to do so many things within my arms' length. The weather is so nice today, cloudy sky which makes you have a sleepy mood and it's so cooling right now. Luckily it's already Friday today, I can predict everyone is putting a smile on their face and have a very relaxing mood now. Happy weekend everyone! Enjoy the weekend as it will only come after you suffered for 5 days of work.
How's my new blogskin? Nice? Too flowery? I think so...hmm...anyway, I'll try to get a nicer blogskin when I have time. By the way, I've added a music feature on my blog so that you can listen to the song while reading my blog...see, I'm so kind. Hehehe, anyway...signing off. Happy weekend!