Monday, July 17, 2006

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Currently listening: Kang Ta & Vanness - Scandal

Monday blues...the best phrase to describe my mood right now. Been very blur since I woke up. Whatever things that people talked to me since this morning, will only process in my mind for less than 2 seconds and it will be gone. Sometimes I couldn't even process what they're talking, just looking blank at them, as if I'm listening what they are talking about, but in fact my mind was still in hibernating mode.
Went back to Ipoh on last weekend. Didn't do anything special. Wanted to go to Flame! Steamboat for dinner on Saturday night, but the place was too packed. We had to wait for around 1 hour for a table. Never thought Ipoh people can be so generous. I don't know whether Flame! Steamboat is charging high or not, but I guess it shouldn't be very cheap as it's opened by one of the Hong Kong actor, Cheang Hou Nam. They have branches at Jln Imbi (but I think closed down already, since I don't see the address in the name card anymore) and Penang. Any restaurants operated by the Hong Kong celebrities can't run away from the price. Like the restaurant opened by Eric Tsang in Sri Hartamas isn't cheap also. Anyway, LKC and I didn't manage to have our dinner there. We ended up having our dinner at Koh Samui Restaurant which is quite famous in Ipoh for its Thai food. I hadn't been to this restaurant for more than 16 years I think. Still remember the last time I went to this restaurant was during my farewell with my grandfather before he left to China in year 1990. At that time, this Koh Samui Restaurant was located at somewhere else and now they have shifted to a shoplot at the Cowan Street.