Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Oh my God, my Korean trip has been cancelled. The reason is because the tour agent did not manage to get enough people to start up a group. Sigh...she gave me three options:-
- postpone the trip to another date
- change to another trip, or
- refund
Which option should I choose? I really wish to go to Korea. I wanted to postpone to another date, but the problem is if we were to postpone it to another date, when should we go? LKC and I already applied for leave and it had already been approved. We will not know when it's the available date for us to apply the leave. The lady told me that it's better to go in October since it's going to be autumn in October. The scenery will be alot more nicer. Sigh, my works are mostly on project basis and sometimes ad hoc basis, it's really difficult for me to plan for my holidays. What if there is a new project I need to work on in October? How do I apply for leave? What if the price of the trip is higher than the one that we have paid for? Sigh...I hate to make decisions.