Thursday, June 29, 2006


Been very pressured in my work lately. It is neither because the tasks are difficult to handle nor I do not know how to do it. It is the P-E-O-P-L-E problem that made me feel so pressured. I always have this kind of feeling that my @$$hole PM is always picking on me. Whatever things that he asked me to do, will never meet his requirements eventhough I followed as what he told me. One major problem with this @$$hole is that he's so long-winded. He can keep nagging and nagging you the same thing over and over again without getting tired or thirsty. This @$$hole has some Psychology problem or have permanent head damaged because he just loves to bully the junior like me. I'm not the first one who kena from him before. As far as I know, two of my colleagues who joined as Associate Consultant kena from him before as well. The reason why he likes to bully the junior is because he's an @$$hole. When the bosses are around, he dares not to speak, not even one word. Still remember that we had a gathering last Friday in the office. Everyone was so busy catching up with each other as we hardly see each other once we're out to a project. This is the only time we can catch up. Pity one talked with him. No one dare to stand next to him. No one even knew what time he left. This shows that no one would even bother to talk with him. Why no one wants to talk with him? There must be something wrong somewhere. There are around 30 people in my office, 29 people didn't want to talk with him (another one is himself). Was it our problem or was it his problem? I guess it must be his face-problem (I would called that "yeung sui") and the worst is his attitude problem. Doesn't he feel that he's an @$$hole? Doesn't he feel lonely when everyone was laughing here and there and busy talking with each other, while he was standing there eating the KFC all by himself? Why does he want to make himself to be so unpopular and being hated by everyone? One more thing about this @$$hole is he doesn't know what to say at the right time. He always thinks that he's very cool for speaking out something and always thinks that the advices he gave are very good. Excuse me, you don't have the right to tell me what is right and what is wrong. As long as I did my part, as long as I managed to finish the thing before the deadline, then everything will be fine. Why do you always want people to argue with you first then only you accept people's opinion?
One thing that made me very "tu lan" on last few days was, he was trying to put all the responsibility on me so that whatever things go wrong, I can be the one who to be blamed. Luckily, I took a step behind. I pushed back all the responsibility to him. Just told him that I know nothing about the dot-matrix, I can't make any decision for the customer on which dot-matrix printer to buy. Whatever he said, I just said 'No, I'm not gonna responsible for that" or "I don't know anything about this." Finally I won in this war. He was very reluctant to say that "Ok, I'll take accountability for this." I don't care where you want to be accountable for this or not, as long as I'm not involved with this will be fine with me. He's the PM for this project, he has to make the decision. Why did he want me to make the decision? If I can make the decision, why do we still need a PM anymore in a project? Doesn't it make sense? I would called that "irresponsible @$$hole PM." One golden phrase from him is "I don't know". What the heck, if I know the things that I asked, why do I still need to ask him? And he's the PM of the project, he's the middleman between the project team and the customer. If I were not to ask him, who should I ask?
Arrghhh...I'm really angry with this @$$hole. He is sick. He has mental problem. He is something wrong somewhere. Help me! Someone please help me!