Tuesday, June 06, 2006


It's the 6th of June 06 (060606) today. Heard from one of my colleague that it's an unfaithful day. According to her, 6th of June will be the judgement day for the Christian and there will be 666 numbers on the evils' forehead when the judgement day arrives. Something weird happened today, when she was chatting with one of her friend whom had never online since she added her in to the list. She was surprised to see the name on the online list, so she said hi to her friend. Her friend replied her with hi and disappeared from the online list. So my colleague was feeling kinda weird, her friend online again, so she messaged her again asking why is she online. Her friend replied by saying "Hi, my name is VIRUS" and after that my colleague's notebook turned to blue screen. My colleague didn't receive any files or open anything while she was chatting with her "friend". So she quickly unplugged the network cable and suddenly the blue screen disappeared and her notebook turned back to normal. She was so worried that her notebook got infected with virus, so I told her to run a full virus scan but there wasn't any virus found. Why did this happen? What caused it to happen? Hmmm...something to ponder about.