Monday, June 19, 2006

Story of NOT mine!

Just sent my brother, sis-in-law and cid-cey-ceow (niece) to LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal aka Air Asia's airport). They were boarding on the 1.40pm flight to Bangkok. My brother will be coming back on this Friday while my sis-in-law and cid-cey-ceow will be staying in Bangkok until 13th July. Some of you must be wondering, why both of them are staying in Bangkok for so long while my brother has to come back here first. The reason behind this is because:-

My brother has to come back to Ipoh to help my father to do the "business". My father has to work on his own for this Tuesday and Wednesday. There is no way my brother can leave Ipoh for such a long period.

My sis-in-law is from Thailand, in case you don't know. That means she's going back to "hometown" to visit her family. She only goes back to Thailand once a year, that's why she's staying in Bangkok for such a long period.

I'm kinda regret for not following them to Bangkok this time. Indeed it's a very good chance to go there. It's because, firstly, I could save on the airplane ticket as I booked the tickets for my brother when Air Asia was giving out 2million tickets for free end of last year. I should have booked the tickets for myself as well. All I need to pay was the fuel charges and the airport tax which added up together is around RM150 for return tickets. Good deal, huh? Secondly, if I were to go with them, I could save on the accommodation as well. That's because my sis-in-law has a sister whom is staying in Bangkok. Well, at least I can tumpang the place as well if I were there. Thirdly, since my sis-in-law is there, it's alot more easier to bargain when I shop. Still remember the time when I went to Hatyai with her along. I didn't have to bargain, she did all the talking and ended up I bought all cheap stuff and ate all the authentic Thai food. Never mind, guess there will be more chances to come. Guess my brother will be going back...hmmm, I'm using "going back" instead of "going" to describe my brother's visitation to Thailand now. Anyway, I guess my brother will be going back to Thailand at least once a year. I missed the "flight" this time, guess I can catch another "flight" next year. Save more $$$ and everywhere in the world is just a flight away. M-O-N-E-Y is very I-M-P-O-R-T-A-N-T.


Survon said...

Why cid-cey-ceow?

Can't even imagine how you pronounce it...

Lisan said...

Coz her real name is Sidney Leow. I changed the pronounciation to C sound...that's why it has became cid-cey-ceow...hahaha