Saturday, June 10, 2006

FIFA World Cup 2006!

FIFA world cup..........once every 4 years.It seems that many football pundits on these days. Those who don't even know anyone in this game besides David Bechkam are now talking about team strategies ??? Wow I guess this is really world cup fever. During this month, football results will be the main conversation topic everywhere. I mean can you imagine someone who can't even tell the difference between EPL and SPL is analyzing match results ??? Well this only happens every 4 years.
As for me.....I was wondering how much do I know about football. Erm nothing much I guess, however to me football certainly means more than 22 players chasing the same ball ! But till now I still can't tell what's offside and whats onside. I guess many ppl don't know either so I am not that bad.
So it's ur turn......can you name all the 32 teams in this years world cup ? Erm can you also name all the asian countires in this world cup finals ? Erm can you also name me 30 players involved in this year's world cup except Ronaldo, David Bechkam. Oh come on........ 32 teams and each team has around 20 players and that means there are at least 640 players in the world cup and you can't even name 30 of them ?? kekekek I can't either. Girls know nothing about football except no 7...David Beckham! hahaha
Anyway enjoy this month and hope you guys out there win a lot. Don't forget to belanja me makan after this!


Btw, the upper part of this post is courtesy of LKC. LKC was trying to "lan si" when we were watching the football match between Germany and Costa Rica just now. He was asking me to name 20 out of 32 countries that qualified in this year's world cup. I'm not that bad anyway, I managed to name out 11 countries. He was also trying to ask me how many number of groups are there in the world cup and I could tell him correctly! hahaha...guess I need to read everyday to avoid being "lan si" by LKC. Who will be this year's champion? We'll wait and see then. As I told LKC, Germany will be at least qualified for the semi finals. Lets bet whether I'm correct or not! Till then, enjoy the matches!!!


SweetSourBitter said...

I'm not a fan of footie as well but because World cup is so famous, everyone is watching it, i've got no choice but to follow as well.. haha.. It's pretty exciting though :)