Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Chapter T-W-O

A new chapter of my life is about to begin. As I mentioned in one of my post, I recalled that I talked about being an adult. What do I mean by being an adult? You're treated as an adult by your parents when you have started to work, when you don't ask pocket money from them anymore. My adulthood started last August when I just started to work as a Basis CONsultant. It's actually kinda hard to be an adult, it's not because you have to work or you don't get pocket money from your parents. It's because you will have more and more commitments and the burden is getting heavier and heavier as time goes by. Since the government declared an increase of 30cents per litre of fuel in last March, I'm sure it caused a big problem to everyone especially to those who have to travel around like me. Another hectic arose when the government declared an increase in the electricity bill last month. I wonder what else is going to increase for the coming 6 months before we end the year of 2006. Oh yeah, even the parking rate in my office increased as well from RM5 per day to RM8 per day. It's really causing a big hectic to everyone.
Oh yeah, talking about new chapter of life. What do I mean by new chapter? Actually this new chapter is more on commitment than any other things. The first commitment that I had to take after being an "adult" was pocket money for my parents. As I mentioned in one of my post, I talked about giving ang pow to my parents on the Chinese New Year. Guess this would be the first thing that everyone has to go through after started to work.
The second chapter would be buying an insurance policy for yourself. I'm about to step into this new chapter soon. I might be a little bit late for considering this now, but the reason why I only decide to get an insurance policy for myself now is because of hmm...income tax I think. Though the salary that I'm getting now still at a non-taxable level, but maybe in the next 6 months time, it could be taxable. Who knows? I'm sure everyone knows that it's better to get an insurance policy as soon as possible as it's cheaper when you purchase it young. I just turned 24 last month, but I'm treated as 25 by the insurance company as my birthday had already past. Been "consulted" by one of Faye's friend last night about the Investment Link Plan from Great Eastern. Friends told me to consult from other insurance companies first before deciding which company to buy, but to me, every insurance company is more a less the same. I'm really not sure what kind of policy that I want as I know nothing about insurance.
To be honest, insurance is not really important to me. But it's already part of everyone's life. It's like you can't survive without it. I actually had a very bad impression on insurance because I remembered my dad used to buy some insurance policies for my brother, sister and I. My dad paid the money to the insurance agent every month and did not ask for receipts as he trusted the agent. But few months later, the insurance company sent a letter to my dad saying that my dad never pay the money. From then on, my father had stopped the policies and that actually caused a very bad impression of insurance to me. But technology changed the world, everyone owns a credit card. So there is no worries on being cheated by the insurance agent anymore. Anyway, I'm still deciding which company to choose from. Anyone has any good suggestions? Suggestions are always welcome.
I wonder what will be my Chapter Three? Buying a new car? Getting a dream house? Getting married? Giving birth? Just wait for my Chapter Three then... :)


Survon said... is really important nowadays. But like your friends told you, better consult more companies as you'll be attaching to it for the next few years and the amount of money involved will be quite huge.

SweetSourBitter said...

Looking forward to hear your chapter 3.. :) Getting married? ehehe

michelle said...

check out Prudential's Pru-Lady. i heard from my colleague that it's good. if i can find a prudential agent to explain to me, then i'll ajak u out for mamak to listen together la.