Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I had the most disgusting meal for lunch today. I wasn’t hungry when I left for lunch, so I ordered some dim sum as my lunch. I ordered siu-mai and lo-mai-kai from one of the restaurant that I always go for lunch when I’m back to Subang. I tried all the food there, but I have never tried the dim sum before. When the auntie sent the dim-sum over to my table, the siu-mai and the lo-mai-kai were not hot at all. I didn’t bother whether it’s hot or cold, but when I wanted to taste the lo-mai-kai, I saw there were some black spots on it. I was trying to use my chopsticks to “scratch” the black spots from the chicken, thought maybe it’s some dirt or something. While I was trying to “scratch” it, the “dirt” didn’t come out at all. So I tried to look closely, it looked more like mold than dirt to me. I returned the lo-mai-kai to that auntie and told her that there’s mold on the lo-mai-kai, but she refused to admit it. She told me that it’s the spring onion. She tried to “scratch” away the mold from the chicken, trying to convince me that it’s not really mold but she failed to remove that. So, she changed another lo-mai-kai for me. There are some dark spots on this second lo-mai-kai again. She tried to scratch away the spots, trying to convince me again that it is spring onion, but she failed to remove it again. So, she changed another lo-mai-kai for me again. The same dark spots were on the lo-mai-kai again. She tried to remove it again but failed to do so again. I got really fed up and disgusted with the mold on the lo-mai-kai, so I requested to change to siu-mai instead. The siu-mai tasted suck, the prawns aren’t fresh and the siu-mai’s skin was too thick. This will be my first and final time to have dim sum there. If anyone happens to go to SS15 for lunch/ dinner, do not ever try the dim sum in this restaurant. You can try other food here which will give you better deal and peaceful mind. The restaurant is just directly behind the Secret Recipe in SS15.