Monday, June 26, 2006


Life is bored. Life is bored especially when you have to face the person that you don't wish to see everyday. Can you imagine how much I hate this person till I can curse him to die? Can you imagine that? This is the first time I hate someone until this level. He really drives me crazy. I'll be very angry when someone mentions about his name in front of me. How can there be such an idiot still exist in this world nowadays? How can? I thought I'm the only one who hate him so much. It turns out that the whole team of people hate him as much as I do. How can someone made himself so "hak yan zhang"? How can someone made himself so "yeung sui"? Do you know everyone hates you? Do you realise that? I thought everyone wants to be "liked", he's the first person I know that loves to be hated. OH MY GOD! What the heck is going on? What's on earth is going on now?
Aiii...please get me out of here. I don't want to be here anymore. I don't know how long more I can "tahan". I don't know what will I do to him? He really makes me mad. I've been cursing him to dead. I've even been thinking of hiring an Indonesian guy with RM30 and sodomised him. OH NO! NO! NO! Don't force me to do this, please! "If possible, please try to use a paper bag to cover your face and seal up your mouth. Please don't come and disturb me when I don't disturb you. You do your own things and I do mine. The world will be very peaceful when you're not around. Do you know that? Everyone will be partying and will be able to finish up the jobs very fast when you're around. Please make yourself invisible, if possible please don't turn up. We really don't mind you don't do your work. Really! No kidding. "