Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Happy Dumpling Festival!

Everyone seems busy in the office today. I’ve no idea at all what is happening around me today? Some people came to the office as early as 7.30am just because there were some prayers going on at our new premise at 6th floor. Well, I didn’t get involved in this prayer as ermm…it’s none of my business. Somemore it was not a Chinese prayer, it was just an Indian prayer. So there wasn’t any roasted pork to eat. They only have something called “sweet rice” but it tasted suck. The rice has been cooked till very soft, something like the pulut texture and was added with brown sugar and ginger. It looks like Chinese dumpling physically but it tasted horribly.

Oh yeah, talking about dumpling, today is the Dragon Boat Festival (Tuen Ng Jik). LKC told me the story behind this rice dumpling before. If I remembered clearly, it was about a Chinese patriot who was being thrown into the river because he was protesting the government or something like that. The local people respected him very much and to scare away any fish who might want to eat him, threw rice into the river. That was how we started to have the rice dumpling as part of our festival and culture. LKC, did I remember it correctly?

Something is wrong with my Basis team lately, but I’ve no idea at all what is going wrong. Norli came back to the office on last Monday to look for Hari but Hari was on-leave. So she came back to the office again today and talked with Hari for quite some time. After Norli left, Jaya came back to office as well, but I’ve no idea as well why he was back to the office as he was supposed to be in F&N since today will be the end of our contract with F&N. No more data centre management jobs to be done in F&N in future. Before Jaya left, Jaya told me to call Kharthi as he doesn't want me to sit in the office. He was trying to let me know how busy we are right now, but I just couldn't feel that as most of the Basis tasks that we have now are mostly on ad-hoc basis. Anyway, after Jaya left, Augustin was back to the office. Today is Augustin’s last day in BF. He was supposed to leave on 2nd May but was postponed till today. He talked with Hari also but I don’t know what they were talking about. Before Augustin leave, he shook hands with everyone in the office. Aww…I felt bad that time as he was like my father who gave me all the advice and taught me all the basis stuff while I was in F&N. Thanks a million, Mr Augustin!


Survon said... Tuen Ng Jit ar?? I dunno geh??

Can someone over there learn those ancient people, throw the dumpling to the sea, and hopefully it'll arrive here so that I can taste it?

Lisan said...

hahaha i wish i can do that for u. But too bad, i'm not living nearby the sea. So sorry babe!