Saturday, May 31, 2008

I also beh tahan!!

Sometimes I really beh tahan myself. How do I expect someone, especially LKC to tahan me!!?? Hmm...sigh.
LKC went to the Empire Tower at Jalan Ampang again this afternoon to meet his customer there. So as usual, he waited for me at The Lawn at Suria KLCC to finish my work. We planned to drive back to Ipoh right after work, but the weather did not allow us to do so. It was raining like cats and dogs in the evening. So we walked around KLCC and LKC's "generous mode" was "triggered" this evening.
He said, it's the month end again. That means it's time to withdraw money from the fat guy who borrowed money from him few months back and paying back in installment. He planned to spend RM500, 50% from what he withdrawn, for me to go shopping today. Of course I was like a happy birdie when I heard that.
Anyway, we walked around KLCC and saw a lot of people in the Coach shop, somemore got 2 security guards standing at the entrance. We went in there and only found out that there was actually a sales going on. I walked around the shop and saw a sling bag which was very nice. Only RM490 after 30% discount. Then walked around again and saw the handbags which I eyed on before. Remember one of the entry I wrote about the Coach handbags? Read here. These handbags all got 30% discount also. There is one handbag which was selling at RM1225 before is only RM858 after 30% discount. first I had the urge of getting the sling bag, since it's only RM490. It is so much cheaper than the DKNY sling bag that I'm having now, but the bag is very nice.
Handbag or sling bag?? Handbag or sling bag? Handbag is RM858. Sling bag is RM490. I was holding both and standing in front of the mirror and posing with the bags. LKC even told the sales girl that I couldn't make up my mind and asked her to give me some suggestion.
At the end I couldn't make up my mind and just left the shop empty handed. Sigh...I'm such a useless @$$. Everytime when I wanted to buy something, I bugged LKC to dead but I never got it as LKC wasn't in "generous mode". When LKC is in "generous mode", I become very calculative. Seeing every cents and ringgits as if a very big deal. I also don't understand why I behave like that. When LKC refuses to buy me the things that I ask, I complain and complain and complain. But when he is willing to get it for me, I'm not in the mood of getting it. How to tahan lah with this type of girlfriend?
Since we have plan of getting an apartment end of this year, I have always been thinking on how to decorate my home. Every design that I thought of is not anything simple. Not simple equals to not cheap!! Everything requires money, money and money!! If I'd bought the handbag, RM850 will be gone. With this RM850, I can actually buy a better mattress, or buy a nice glass dining table, or a tumble dryer, or spending few more hundreds to get a spacious refrigerator. All these require money!! Sigh.
Lately, I have been reminding myself everytime I take out my purse. Is this thing necessary to buy? Do I need it? Aiyah...don't simply waste the money lah!! I've been very careful when spending my money nowadays. Aiii...what to do. Need to save money to own our dreamhouse. LKC and I are both working very hard to make our dreams come true. LKC is working very hard to earn extra money, while I am trying very hard to save my money. Hopefully with all this sacrifice that we made, we're able to get what we hope for at the end.


Jessliew said...

wow...dreamhouse sounds really tempting...Me too sometimes encounter the same situation as yours when it comes to buying expensive stuff..Instant gratification is killing! But u r definitely better in controlling your mind than I am! =__=''

Lisan said...

Thanks Jess :)