Friday, June 06, 2008

The "Great" Arches

McDonald's Nugget's Sauce - Sweet and Sour
What is so special with this McDonald's Nugget's Sauce - Sweet and Sour? Nothing much special actually. You'll get either this sauce or Barbeque Sauce when you order the McNugget. So what? Take a closer look here. Still don't know what is wrong? Notice the date the photo was taken and the date on the sauce cover?'ve finally seen it. Do you believe it? It was hard to accept the fact but that's the truth.

Yes...McD does serve us expired food. I thought the date on the cover was the manufacturing date but later when I compared with the Barbeque sauce, then I knew it's not the manufacturing date. It's the expiry date. I have proof.
The expiry date is 16-09-2008

We bought this McD meal through the McDelivery. We waited for 1.5 hours to have our meal delivered to our doorstep. Very long huh? If this was Pizza Hut Delivery/ Domino's Pizza, they'd already gave us discount on the pizza. But nothing has been done by McD. I even called them to check on the status of the delivery and the reason that they gave was, there was a long queue of order and we only have 4 people to deliver the meal. So what? Do I sound like I care? I just want my meal to be delivered. I thought they'd at least give us some dessert or something to compensate. Yeah...I thought lor. When the delivery guy arrived at my home, he didn't dress professionally. He was just wearing a pair of slippers. We ordered a set of McValue Meal Large of Quarter Pounder and 4*4 pieces of McNuggets. The food was cold and damped and it looked more like a pile of rubbish than McDonald's meal. The fries were already very cold and it was not crunchy anymore. The ice had already melted, the Quarter Pounder burger already "kemek" and the nuggets were already cold and soft. The most disgusting McD's meal that I ever had in my life.

I'm not sure when they increased the delivery charges. If I remember it clearly, the delivery charge was only RM2.00, but when I checked on the bill yesterday, it was already RM3.00. Anyone has any idea?

By the way, a smarter way to spend when you feel like eating McNuggets. Let me teach you. Ala-carte McNuggets came with different sizes:-
4 pieces - RM3.00
6 pieces - RM5.90
9 pieces - RM7.95
20 pieces - RM15.95
Do not order 20 pieces...normally people will think that the more you buy the cheaper it will be. Wrong!! If you purchase 5 * 4 pieces = 5 * RM3.00 = RM15.00. You will get 20 pieces too but only paying RM15.00. You'll be able to save around RM1.50 (RM0.95 + 5% service tax). Got it? So change your lifestyle! Spend smartly :)


vialentino said...

this McD so smart to con people...

Alice Teh said...

Hi Lisan, sorry to hear about this. Sounds like the problem or treatment I had, too, minus the expired food incident. SIGH. What's becoming of McD? The worst is they buat tak tau and tak peduli.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Two years this has been here and nobody commented on the lack of intelligence by the author?

Wow did nobody actually look?
The picture was taken on the 6th and the sauce is dated the 13th.

In otherwords math geniuses the sauce is not outdated.

Would they have served it? Well I guess you should have waited a week and gone in to find out.