Thursday, May 01, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to myself! How am I going to celebrate this year's birthday? It's gonna be something different from any other years. Yup...some of you might have known it, I'll be going to Pulau Pangkor with my dearest LKC tomorrow. It's an all expenses-paid trip. Thanks a lot to my lovely LKC. Love you heaps!! This is not the only present that he's gonna spend this year, he is still owing me a Coach handbag/ a new digital camera. Depends on my needs...will decide later.

Thanks to LKC's dad too (though he spelt my name wrongly, but thank also lah). He gave me RM100 ang pow and bought me a cake. Oh so touching!! Blew candles with my mummy, cid-cey-ceow and of course LKC just now. It seems to be cid-cey-ceow's birthday than my birthday. She was more excited than me. Blowing the candles again and again, repeatedly sang the birthday song and so eager to cut the cake...she finished eating all the jelly beans on my cake.

Last but not least, thanks to all the friends who sent me birthday wishes. Thanks alot!!

Oh yeah, before I forgot...I'm totally broke this month and the months to come. So don't waste your time thinking what present to get for me. I don't have extra money to spend you guys/ gals meals. So, a simple wish will be very good enough. Thank you!!


sabsab said...

omg babe! terribly sorry coz i missed your bday.
happy belated birthday to u.. *muaxx hugz!
i bet most of your wishes ady came true! hehe..