Friday, September 21, 2007


Yooo's the day of the week again. It's finally Friday. This week has been a very hmmm... "long" week to me. I have been waited for Friday to arrive since Monday. Don't know why...I just don't have the mood to work this week. I've been piled up with works this week, but I just don't have the mood. Could it be because I'll be leaving the company soon? That's why I don't give a damn whether the project is on track or not? Well, I have no idea at all.

But honestly speaking, apart from the Maybank project that I'm working in now, which I still have interest to work on, I'm not really interested in any other supports that I still need to provide to other customers. If I could avoid not to provide the support, I'll try my best to avoid it by giving all the lame excuses. If I couldn't avoid it, then I'll try my best to drag it for as long as I can. Very bad attitude horr?? Sigh, that's mean. Three months notice period is just toooooooooooo long.

Remember I talked about a Malacca trip in few weeks ago? Yeah finally my Malacca is confirmed on this weekend. Will be going to Malacca with none other than my dearest LKC. Well, this is gonna be a free trip (I hope!)... toll + petrol + 1 night in Equatorial Hotel will be paid by LKC's company. It's going to be LKC's business trip to Malacca on Monday. So we will be going there one day earlier, on Sunday to jalan-jalan and cari makan in this historical town and will be back to KL on Monday.

A Famosa, chicken rice ball, Jonker street, satay celup, Mahkota Parade...hmm, what else can I think of Malacca? Hmmm...anyway, happy weekend!