Monday, September 10, 2007

The happiest day...?

Went to the Matta Fair @ PWTC in the afternoon. Guess this will be the greatest Matta Fair I ever attended so far. The first time I went to Matta Fair was on March last year, where we booked to go for a Korea trip in August. The trip in August got canceled due inadequate people in the tour. Then we went again in the September last year and re-booked the Korea trip.

There was another Matta Fair held in last March, but I didn't attend. I guess I had forgotten about it or didn't plan to go anyway this year. Miracle does happen sometimes. When LKC had already told me that there won't be any trip to go anywhere this year, I booked for a Taiwan trip to go with my mummy dearest in this coming 21st Oct. Hohoho...the whole trip will be paid by my dearest LKC ... muaks muaks muaks... love him sooooooooooooooooo much.

After booking for the Taiwan trip, LKC called his "boss" who was in the Matta Fair looking for Bali trip and also Shanghai trip. While I was away to collect my Jolin Tsai's umbrella, LKC went to look for his "boss". When I got back from collecting the umbrella I got another surprise from LKC. He booked for a Bali trip for 2 persons together with his "boss" and the girl friend. Hohoho...will be going to Bali in March next year....simply marvelous. The "boss" also booked a trip to Shanghai end of this year, which I think the price is quite reasonable. It only costs RM1800++ (everything included) for 8Days 6Nights trip to Shanghai.

Later in the night, we went out yum char with his Sarawak friend who came here for shopping. He bought his girl friend a LV wallet which cost RM2100. Oh man....RM2100 just to buy a wallet. RM2100 is almost equivalent to my 7Days 6Nights Scenic Taiwan trip. If you were to ask me to choose between LV wallet and a trip to Taiwan, I will for sure choose the Taiwan trip. The wallet is just too expensive and I do not know whether it's really worth that much or not. Going places and seeing different things are more worth it I think.

Which one will you choose if you are in this situation? LV wallet or a trip that is around RM2100++??


K@t3 said...

Wah.. so lucky.. someone paying for your trip :) If i were to choose, I want both.. haha :)