Tuesday, August 21, 2007


古巨基 Leo Ku's latest album - Moments, will be out on 24th August 2007.

Looking at the photo above makes me feel like going for a holiday. It's been so long since the last time I went for a holiday. The last place I went was South Korea in December last year. Oh man, more than 8 months already. I did not even go for a local trip holiday. Sigh, I went to JB on last February and Genting Highlands on 2 months back. But these were all company trips.

LKC and I were actually planning to go to Malacca on last weekend. Thought of asking Fei Pin, Chun Nee, Cheng Ghee and others to join, but none of them was free. So had to cancel the trip. Better wait till everyone is free to go. It's nicer to go in a group than just two of us. The more the merrier it seems.

Guess there won't be any holiday for me this year. LKC just joined the new company, it's not so nice for him to apply leave during probation period. And I'll be joining new company also in November. Don't dream of getting holiday in the year end. Need to save the annual leave for Chinese New Year. Oh...it's so upsetting to think about this.


Anonymous said...

why neva ajak me ler?? *sob*sob*

Lisan said...

Faye: You went back to Ipoh mer last week. Nvm lar...we can plan for the next trip. Can ask Popo, Mich and the rest.