Monday, September 17, 2007

Happy Birthday, my dearest cid-cey-ceow

Another year has gone. The little devil turns to 2 years old today. I never got the chance to meet her on the first day she was born. Still remember clearly the first time I met this little devil after one week she came to this world, she was just too small...just too fragile to be touched. She was very thin, weighed less than 6 pounds and her skin was so yellowish. Eyes were very small and was sleeping peacefully most of the time. Her cries were so soft till you could barely hear it.
One week old

One month old

Three months old

Her first Chinese New Year

The day she learnt to sit

Happily sitting at grandpa's lap

The day she went to Hadyai

The day she was playing happily at the pool

The day she got her first but-but-cheh

One year later, she was 1 year old then. She was able to walk steadily by herself. Singing, jumping and dancing with other kids who came and celebrated her big day. Was screaming at the kids who were playing with her toys. She was so lovely that everyone just couldn't resist hugging and kissing her.
One year old

The half little Thai girl

The day she learnt to walk

The day she learnt to "swim"

Today, the day she turns to 2 years old. She has became a cute little girl. A very devilish little girl sometimes. She can be as naughty as she wishes. She knows when is the right time to become innocent and obeying the rules. A very talkative little devil that makes you very surprise and sometimes shock when you least expected the words would come out from a kid that is just 2 years old. She has been very helpful to her grandparents when it comes to looking for things that they have misplaced. She just knows the right place to find it. She would just brighten up your day by just smiling cheekily with you. A super hyperactive little girl that will never feel tired when it comes to playing.

Two years old

Finally she got to enjoy her birthday cake

The cutie pie and her Barney

Still remember the innocent look that she showed yesterday when she knew that her aunts (i.e my sis and I) were to leave her to come back to KL. She would just pretend she heard nothing. Her grandma was asking her to get out from the car. She knew that I wasn't planning to get out from the car. She asked my sis to get in to the car, instead. When I told her that aunt will be leaving to KL, she just replied..."ng moy" (don't want). Asking me to carry her as she knows that she would be able to follow wherever I go. This cid-cey-ceow is just too lovely.

Happy Birthday, sweetie!