Friday, September 07, 2007

Random Updates

Went to a Korean restaurant (forgot the name of the restaurant) at Desa Sri Hartamas on Tuesday to celebrate LKC's birthday. Wanted to go the Momo Japanese Restaurant at Centrepoint to try out the buffet but I guess they are only serving the buffet on the weekends. Since I had been craving for Korean food for the past few weeks, so we decided to go to Sri Hartamas to try out the Korean restaurants there. There are at least 10 Korean restaurants in Sri Hartamas but we were unsure which one to go.

My sis told me once that there is a restaurant that served the Stir-fried Korean Rice Cake (Tteokbokki). I had this rice cake when I was in Korea last year and it was very delicious. So we went to this restaurant to order the stir-fried rice cake, pork barbeque and a kimchi soup.

Always a happy couple :p

The birthday boy, LKC

Pork barbeque (delicious)

Kimchi soup

Stir-fried rice cake

The quality is just normal. The stir-fried rice cake was not as nice as the authentic one that I tried in Korea. I'm not sure the food is actually is not that nice or it is actually caused by my taste bud. I felt that the Korean food always give me a very great surprise in my first time trying it. Still remember the first time I had Korean BBQ in Daorae Korean Restaurant in Taipan, USJ. I really enjoyed the food so much. I felt that it was one of the most delicious meal that I had ever tried in my life. The second time I had did not give me that "kicked" feeling. The only Korean food that I did not enjoy even on my first time trying it was the bibimbap.

Anyway, this Korean restaurant is cheaper than any other Korean restaurants that you can find in town (I think). Normally, you will require to other a minimum two BBQ portions (if you're ordering beef, then you will only require to order one dish...because it's expensive marr...beef costs at least RM45 and above for a portion). They actually allowed us to only order one Pork BBQ, which costs RM25. The kim chi soup with rice costs RM15. You know what, a bowl of rice in a Korean restaurant is super expensive if you are ordering it separately. Normally it will cost around RM4-5 a bowl. As for the stir-fried rice cake, it costs RM30. There is no 5% goverment tax, only 10% service charge. The total bill only costs RM77.


Still remember my "daughter", Yang, Jia Xin (杨嘉欣)? You can get to know her more from here and here. Well, received some updates from the World Vision yesterday about her status. She looks thinner than the last photo I received from the World Vision. What happened to her? She is not well-feed? She's studying in Primary Year 2 now and living healthily as mentioned in the letter. Her hobby is sweeping the floor (weird hobby). She also drew me a picture.

The latest photo of my "daughter"

The picture that she drew

Something very funny happened when I showed the photo of my "daughter" to one of my colleague. He actually thought that she is my real daughter. The other colleague told him that I was a problem teenager back then. Then I told him that she is already 8 years old. Then this colleague "pandai-pandai" asking me..."so, she is staying with your mum?". I said "yeah, in China". He looked surprised. Then only I told him that she is actually my sponsor child.

Oh man, which part of me look like a mother of a 8 years old daughter? People have been calling me "school girl" every now and then. Do I have the motherly look? Sigh...double sigh...


Will be going to Kuala Selangor to have seafood and see firefly tomorrow night. Sigh...I need to work in the morning. Sien...anyway happy weekend, folks!