Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Malacca trip

As mentioned in my last post, I went to Malacca on Sunday with my dearest LKC. The actual purpose LKC going there was to meet his customer on Monday. I took this opportunity to go with him as well, as it was almost an "all-expense-paid trip". Toll + petrol + hotel + dinner were all paid by the company. We left our home at around 10.00am.

Departure...LKC + kwai kwai + LPC

Our destination

We arrived at Ayer Keroh at around 11.30am and it wasn't time yet for us to check in to the hotel. So we stopped by at the Zoo Melaka on our way to the Malacca town. The entrance fee is RM7 per person. Quite expensive I thought. It was actually quite worthy paying it, as it's a huge zoo. We walked for almost 2 hours and we actually skipped so many places. Quite a lot of animals in the zoo....tiger, elephant, monkeys (different types), birds, crocodile, panther, leopard, giraffe, camel, ostrich, fox, horse, deer,zebra...etc...too many to name it. We were too tired and too hungry to walk somemore. We left the zoo at around 1.30pm and headed to the hotel to check in.

Resting on the giant tortoise

The tired and smelly LKC

The giffy...standing high and pride

After checking in to the hotel, we quickly left and went to cari-cari makan at the Jonker Street. There were two things that I would really like to try out: the chicken rice ball and the sate celup. We went to Hoe Kee Chicken Rice shop. Apparently, this restaurant is one of the most famous chicken rice ball restaurant. Ah Xian from the Astro AEC actually featured this restaurant in his show. To be honest, I don't find what is so special with this chicken rice. The chicken just tasted like the normal steam chicken, the one that we can get from any chicken rice stalls. The only special thing is the rice. The rice is made into a ball shape but the taste is normal too. The price is considered reasonable for a famous restaurant like this. We paid RM16.80 for the chicken + rice + fried cabbage + 2 herbal tea.

The room in Hotel Equatorial

Jonker Street

The famous rice ball

Walked around Jonker Street after our lunch. Bought a box of pineapple tart and a packet of durian dodol. The greedy LKC wanted to have cendol after walking under the hot sun. We went to a cafe named Hai Lan Lou to have a bowl of cendol. The cendol there is quite yummylicious but a bit costly. A small bowl (rice bowl size) of cendol costs RM1.70.

The cendol

It was a photo-taking session after walking around Jonker Street. We went to the red St Paul's Church, some don't know what museums and not to forget the A Famosa.

Outside the St Paul's Church

A Malacca trip is not considered complete without this picture...A Famosa

We were too tired and too hot to walk back to the hotel. We stopped by Dataran Pahlawan to cool down ourselves. So coincidentally, the Astro On Demand was having some road show there. Jojo was on the stage playing some games with the audiences. After a while, Sonia Kwok Xin Nei and Roger Kwok Chung Onn were invited to do some promotion thingy. Sonia looks as pretty as she is in the tv, while Kwok Chung Onn looks really normal. He doesn't have the celebrity look. They went up the stage to play some games with the audiences. Guess who was there also...the "tai jor lar" DVD selling guy was there also. His name is Brandon. Well he looks better in person than the DVD seller in the advertisement.

Roger Kwok, Sonia Kwok and Jojo

Jojo and Brandon (DVD seller)

We went back to the hotel and had some rest. LKC really wanted to try the sate celup but we had no idea where to go for the sate celup. We asked the bell boy and he recommended us Capitol Restaurant and Newton Food Court. Not sure how to go there, LKC drove around the city to look for the food but failed to find any. Alvin, LKC's cute Chindian colleague called at the right time. He was our saviour of the day. He brought us to 万里香 restaurant. According to him, Capitol is famous among the visitors while 万里香 is famous among the locals. No photos was taken as I was a bit shy to take photo in front of Alvin. He might think that I'm a "suah gu", never had sate celup before. A free dinner for us as Alvin paid for it and he's gonna claim it back from the company.

After dinner, he sent us back to the hotel. They had an appointment with one of the customer at the hotel lounge. While I knew that it would definitely be a boring session for me if I were to join, I went back to the room to have my bubble bath. Called it a day after my bubble bath.

The next morning, Alvin came and picked up LKC at around 10am. I had another bubble bath on that morning before going out to hunt for my lunch. Walked around Dataran Pahlawan and Mahkota Parade but couldn't find anything that attract me. All the restaurants were soooooooooooooooooo empty even during lunch hour. I headed to McDonald's to have my lunch and walked to Jonker Street again to buy another box of pineapple tart and durian dodol for my colleagues. Went back to hotel to have some rest and left Malacca after LKC meeting with the customer.

Overall, it was a great trip. The best part is we spent less than RM50 for this whole trip.

Cam-whoring while LKC driving

Some random photos of Malacca