Thursday, September 27, 2007

Call me racist, no?

Arrghh...this final one month of my notice period is gonna be a headache month for me. As I've been in the Maybank project since the beginning till now, it also means that I've at least 80% of the things that are going on (I mean on the technical tasks). I have another senior here to do all the decisions for the Basis tasks and I'm the one executing the tasks. Many times we have been sitting together to do it and we both know clearly how to do it and what to do when problems arise. I'm his backup when he's not around. Well, I can't say that I can help to solve all the problems, but at least I can help to find solutions.

To be honest, this Maybank project is not a very simple and direct project. It's one of the most complicated project that I've ever been involved. Since I'll be leaving in a month time, my current boss is sending over two new consultants to Maybank here to help out my senior. I'm glad in a way that at least someone is here to help out my senior when I'm not around anymore. Butttttt...what's the point when they're sending a trainee here (no experience at all) and another so-called experience consultant (when he can't even speak proper English, yes...he's from India).
I'm trying not to be racist here. I prefer to hand over my tasks to the Chinese trainee rather than the Indian fella. When I tried to explain the landscape that we have in Maybank here, the trainee is quietly listening to my explanations. He will only pop out some questions when he's in doubt and I'm more than happy to explain it to him over and over again. The big problem is with the Indian guy. I hate it when someone is trying to interrupt during my explanation. I hate it when someone is trying to be a hero, trying to show off his irrelevant knowledge. I hate it when someone is pretending that he understands everything. Arrghhh...I just hate it.

This stupid Indian fella never seem to be interested to what I'm trying to explain. It's fine to me as I will not be taking care of the systems in the months to come. It's fine to me if you're being scolded by the senior when you can't perform the tasks. He never seem to be interested to find out more. I gave him some documentations to go through, so that he can be more familiarize with the environment here, but he never seem to be interested to go through. He is sleeping on this whole afternoon. People blamed me for not giving him things to do. What should I give to him when he knows nothing about the system?

God bless everyone in this project.