Saturday, August 04, 2007


I've tendered my resignation letter yesterday after signing the offer letter from the new company on Thursday. At first I was still very miserable whether to accept the offer or not as I always think that being put in the Maybank project is a very good opportunity. I always wanted to finish this project first at least I've completed a full cycle of a very special project as claimed by everyone.

Things got changed after I received the feedback from my bosses on another project that I was doing besides Maybank. My bosses will never bothered whether you know how to solve the issue or not or whether you have any knowledge on the project that you are going to do or not. They will simply put you in there and let you survive on your own. It is good in a way as I got to learn and understand it faster than anyone else as extra efforts need to be put in there. Things turn to bad when I got stucked, not sure how to move on and there is no one I could refer to. Working in the Basis area for 2 years is still considered very junior and my knowledge is still very limited. Sometimes I need to have some seniors around to at least give me some advices on how to proceed.

Back to the project, there is one thing that I was supposed to do and I also found the way to do it. But I wasn't so sure whether there's anything I need to take care of before doing that. So I sent an email to my bosses telling them that I need their advice on this and also requested to have a senior to do this with me (though I know that it's impossible). They just gave me the green light to proceed this on myself. The project did not perform successfully. I'm not sure whether it's a lucky thing or not. We need to re-schedule the time to do it all over again and this time I requested to my boss again that I need to have a senior to do with me as I want to get things done for once and for all. Finally I'm allowed to have a senior to do it with me this time (as they can't charge the customer again and again if things got screwed up).

I got very fed up when the same things happen again and again. Why can't they change? What's the purpose of getting our feedback during review when they're not going to change it? Before I walked in to the big boss's room, I had already prepared myself on all the questions that are going to come out from his mouth.

Most of the things that he said are those common things like why are you leaving, I gave you so many opportunities, you've established yourself in this company, I had sent you to so many trainings...blah, blah, blah...yada...yada...yada. There are few things that he said actually surprised me, like one of the question he asked was "Did you tell anyone about your increment last year?" Then I told him I told my two seniors. He said that they were telling everyone about my increment. So what if they really tell everyone. I didn't find the increment was a lot. Some people got even higher than me.

Another thing that was really surprised me was he was telling me that "not every bosses will like you". I really appreciate that you actually like me but you won't whether my new boss will like me or not. He might like me like you do or even more than you do.

He was telling me that he was planning to give me bonus this month and he was thinking whether to pull it out or not. Duh...excuse me. If you feel like giving it, then go ahead. If you don't feel like giving it to me, which I think I'm deserved for it, please don't let me know. What are you trying to tell me? You made me feel that you're very sarcastic person. Because I'm leaving, I do not deserved for the bonus that I earned last year?

Sigh, he kept on asking me to reconsider. If I would to reconsider, I should have done it even before I tendered the letter. I'm not sure how many more times I will be called back to have a conversation with him and other bosses. Just wish me luck...