Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sigh...I'm getting fatter and fatter nowadays. People start noticing that I have actually put on weight. Clothes and pants are getting tighter. I can no longer buy clothes of XS or S size now. I will try on size M first before trying on size S now. Embarrass to ask the sales girl to get me a bigger size.

I think I should get back to my work out now. I've been very lazy going to the Celebrity ever since LKC came over to KL. I'll only go there once a week the most. Before LKC was here, I was so addicted to the dance classes. I went there almost everyday and after the classes, I would just grab some cherry tomatoes or drank milo as my dinner. But this has not been happening for the past one month. I've been taking heavy dinner almost every day. takes forever to loose weight, but it takes just a short period of one month to put on weight. It's so upsetting.

I'll need to start a diet-plan now. Here's what I'm planning to do:-

  • a cup of yogurt
  • a muesli bar
  • sweet corn
  • cut fruits
  • milo + cereal
  • salad
I'm not sure how long I can survive with these food. All I know that I really need to be on a strict diet until I gain back my ideal weight. Leow can do it!!!