Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Anyone planning to go for a holiday any time in September or October? Well, I have 12 days of annual leave to clear in 2 months and I have no idea how to spend these 12 days of annual leave. I feel it's a bit wasted if I just sit at home and doing nothing. My boss doesn't allow me to encash my annual leaves and he only allows me to clear my leaves half in September and another half in October.

I'm planning to leave earlier than when I was supposed to leave. My last day in the company would be on the 2nd November. I will probably be leaving one week earlier. So that means I'll still have 7 days of annual leave to clear.

I've been checking on Air Asia, but damn it...there's no discounts on the flight tickets. It is so so so damn expensive. I guess the only person that can pay for my tour and will be available to go with me would be my beloved mummy.

Been checking on the tour packages to Hong Kong, China, Korea (yes, again!) and Taiwan. Been comparing the price between these few places. The most reasonable tour would be Taiwan, I guess. 7 Days of Taiwan tour only costs RM1999. While 5 Days Hong Kong Disneyland + ShenZhen already costs RM1999. Taiwan is more affordable as most of the meals are provided and for Hong Kong, most of the meals are not provided. As everyone is aware, eating in Hong Kong is definitely not cheap.

I should be visiting the Matta Fair which will be held on the 7th - 9th September to check out some good deal. Anyone has any plan to go anywhere? Please do let me know.