Monday, August 13, 2007


I was checking on the sportstoto result on Saturday and saw the jackpot winning prize was more than 8 millions for the Super Toto 6/49. Wow, it was so tempting.

Saturday's (11th August 2007) result

It's so hard to earn 1 million, no doubt 8 millions. So I was happily joking with LKC last night saying that what if I strike the lottery and won 8 millions. What will be the first thing I will do? Of course I will not publicly tell everyone that I strike the lottery, maybe will share my happiness with one or two close friends.

First thing I will do is of course deposit all the money in to the bank. Once I deposited, if it's lost, it's still the bank's responsibility to pay me back. Next I will buy a house, a double-storey costs around 200k - 300k will be enough and get my car change. Maybe a Honda Jazz will be good enough.

Next, I will tender my resignation letter with 24 hours notice. I do not need to worry so much this time. How cool it is when you throw the resignation letter to your boss and when he asks why, you'll just reply "Ngor fatt jor tatt" (I'm rich now). happy. No more giving all the lame excuses or reasons for leaving the company. If the boss still wants to ask somemore, then I can tell him that I want to buy over your company and you will work for me. happy.

I was still dreaming about it this morning. Kept on telling LKC that "Ngor fatt jor tatt" (soon this phrase will become famous like the other two phrases "Dai jor lar" (Watched already lar) - Astro's On Demand advertisement and "I'm a tai kor mar" (I'm the big brother) - Digi's advertisement). I even thought of going to buy the lottery today to try my luck. Who knows I might be that lucky. dream just gone when I check the result today.

Sunday's (12th August 2007) result

It's so upsetting to see this on Monday morning. Someone has strike the lottery. What is left now is only 1 million. What is more upsetting is knowing that my dream only lasted for 1 night. Never mind I still can aim for the Mega TOTO 6/52, which worth more than 5 millions. Leow Lisan...dream on...


Anonymous said...

hmp...dangerous. those 4 ppl who won 'dai choi' went disappear liao? not being kidnapped BUT dey went hiding! hahaha