Thursday, August 23, 2007

The end...?

It has been close to 2 years I've been maintaining this blog. Guess this is one the longest hobby that I ever have apart from surfing the net. I used to have a few blog which I just created and never maintained it like the Yahoo 360°, Multiply, Windows Live Space and the Friendster's blog.

I'm a very curious type of person. I always want to find out what is new and interesting in this cyber space. That is the reason why I have created so many accounts to find out which blog provider can actually "satisfy" my need. Today I have created another account under LiveJournal. Yes I know. LiveJournal is not something new but I have not explore to this site before and thought why not I just create an account and see what they can provide.

The reasons why I'm still using Blogger is because it has a simple and pretty straight forward interface. It does not serve any other purposes other than letting you publishing a post entry to your blog. Multiply and Windows Live Space offer more than blogging service. It is more like a combination of Blogger and Friendster, where you can add your friends in to your account. Sometimes it is just too overloaded with information when you login. It takes some time for me to actually search for the link to add the link. Unlike Blogger where you can just click on the +New Post link right after you login. For others, you will actually need to click here and there just to write a post.

Very sweet theme, isn't it?

Back to the LiveJournal, one thing that caught my interest in this LiveJournal is the blog themes that they offer. Being a dummy in the HTML world, changing the blog theme will be the most tedious task. If you have been reading my blog for the past 2 years, you will notice that I've actually "tried" to change the theme from time to time. Always browse the Blog Skin to check out the nice themes, but too bad, I will always need to do some code modification to make it look better. I'm tired of doing the modification and sticked back to the boring templates provided by Blogger. As for the LiveJournal, they provide different types of layout and themes which are very nice. This really caught my attention and made me feel like exploring more on this LiveJournal.

Well, still not so sure how user-friendly can this LiveJournal be. Just need to spend some time on it to get use to it I guess. Will I be closing down this blog and "migrate" to LiveJournal? Not sure. Will announce when I'm ready.