Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Streamyx drama

I've been struggling to online from home for the past 2 days as something reaaalllllyyyyyyy very stupid happened to my streamyx account. I needed to ask LKC to go offline so that I could use his streamyx account while waiting for my streamyx to be activated. Let me tell you the it goes....

On 30th June (Sat), I went to TMPoint at Damansara Uptown to deactivate the HotSpot service that I used to have for free for the past 2 years. It was part of the promotion the time I signed up for the streamyx. Since I've been using the streamyx for 2 years now, they started to charge me for the HotSpot service this month as it had already past the promotion period. I called to the Customer Service to deactivate it, but they said I have to go to the TMPoint to do it. Ok...fine. So I went there to deactivate it. I filled up a form which was given to me by the receptionist. He even ticked for me that I would like to deactivate the HotSpot service. I thought everything will be fine after submitting the form. I will not be charged extra RM10 a month for the HotSpot service that I had never ever used before.

I usually turn on my lappie once I arrive at home. As usual, on Monday, when I arrived at home I turned on my lappie and tried to connect to the Internet. I've set my modem to auto-connect. I didn't know that I wasn't connected to the Internet. I tried to go online, signed in to MSN. Everything just failed to load. So I tried to restart my lappie for at least twice. Still it couldn't work. I checked my modem settings and only found out that it wasn't connected. I borrowed LKC's account and tried to connect from my place here. Dah da....connected.

Damn it...what the heck. What happened to my account? I called to the customer service again and found out that my account had been closed. Huh...closed? Who asked for it to be closed? The gal told me that the request was submitted by me. What? No way. I was very pissed off. So I asked how can I activate back my account. That gal told me I have to go to TMPoint to get it done. What? Again I was very pissed off. What's the purpose of having a call centre when you can't help to solve the customers' problems? I kept on scolding and scolding them. That stupid gal told me that "Ma'm...I'm going to put you in silent mode and I continue with my work." How can a customer service representative speaks like that? I was again very pissed off. I asked for her name and told her that I'm going to make a complain about her. But actually I didn't make the complain, just to make her worry...hehehe.

Then I submitted an online complain about the problem that I was having but I only got a reply saying that they'll investigate the case further and will get back to me asap. How long do I need to wait for this? Luckily, there's a TMPoint nearby Menara Maybank here. So I went there to check out what I can do. They called to the TMPoint Uptown to check on the form that I submitted previously and found out that it was their mistake to close my account. So I asked them what I can do now. They told me I need to register for a new account as they can't re-activate the old account. Huh...why is the system so stupid? But thank god, the customer representative that handled my problem was not bad. He told me that he will waive my registration fee and will activate back my streamyx asap. He even explained to me clearly on what I will be expecting to see on my new bill. least I'm feeling better now and I can online again.

So guys, if you ever require to do activate/deactivate any of the streamyx's services. Please think twice before you proceed. You might end up all the hassle that I went thru.