Sunday, July 22, 2007

Desperate Housewives

Ya...ya...I know I'm a little bit out talking about Desperate Housewives now. They're airing the Season 3 in U.S now and I've just started my Season 1. Never planned to watch this American tv drama series even when I was in Australia when they started showing the Season 1 almost 3 years back. My "craving" on Desperate Housewives just started...errr yesterday evening, when I have nothing to do at home. Got influenced by my sis when she was watching it in the living room.
Since I have nothing better to do and no Astro for me to watch since she has "booked" the tv for this drama series, I just tried to watch the Disc 1 which we borrowed from my cousin. I do not always watch American series except for The O.C. and Friends. I just don't like to wait for an episod a week and 2-3 months for the following season to be aired. And only god knows when the story gonna end. That's why I prefer to watch the TVB drama instead, which is shorter and get to watch it almost everyday.
I knew that the Desperate Housewives is a big hit in the U.S. I thought it was just another Sex and the City or Friends, where you talked about life and love. Out of my expectation, I actually enjoy watching it. Well, maybe I'm a woman, that's why I enjoy it. Don't think LKC will prefer this kind of drama. It talks about families and love mostly. There's no super attractive actor nor super pretty actress in it. But somehow I enjoy watching it.
I'm gonna finish my Season 1 soon. And Season 2 and Season 3 are waiting for me...signing off now.