Monday, July 30, 2007


Yes...finally it is here. I've received the confirmation...confirmation of my new job. Went through 3 interviews, 1st was interviewed by the Basis Team Lead in Malaysia, 2nd was interviewed by the HR Manager and 3rd was interviewed by the Head of Basis from UK. They are offering me the job after all the hassle.

What's my new job and new company? I guess it should be more or less the same as to what I'm doing now as a SAP Basis Consultant. I'm no longer an Associate Consultant (aka Junior Consultant)...hehehe. The office is located at Tower 2, Petronas Twin Tower. Don't know much about the company. All I know is two of my seniors that I'm comfortable working with are there and Kate is working there too. I'll be reporting to work on 5th November.

Will go and accept the offer letter on this Thursday and going to tender my resignation letter on this Friday. It's my first time tendering resignation letter, feel a bit weird...don't know what to do and how to do. Sigh...3 months of notice...such a long period. Don't know what will happen after the resignation...I just can't imagine.


sportysab said...

oh babe! congrats! didn't know u changing job woh.. good la, working with kate. wishing u all the best in your new workplace ya!