Monday, July 16, 2007

The beginning of a new life

It's an all new beginning for me from today onwards after started my work since 2 years back. Not that I'm changing to a new job. I'm still in the same old company since I joined 2 years back. I was all alone (alone in the sense that my LKC was not by my side) in KL here on the weekdays for 2 years. It was either me who went back to Ipoh or LKC came over to KL so that we could spent some tine together on the weekends.
It's all changing now. I guess most of you have known that LKC had resigned from his job in Ipoh and made up his mind to come to KL to start a new career and a new life here. I'd been waited for this chance since 2 years ago and finally my dreams came true. LKC has moved to KL here yesterday and reporting to his new job today.
This is a total change to him. The change is not just moving from Ipoh to KL and staying together with me and not having a home-cooked dinner every night. It is a change of career as well. He was a Test Engineer back in Ipoh, guess what he is working as now? An engineer also? Nope...he's working in the field of Marketing now in one of a company in Glenmarie. I'm not sure he has made a right choice or not but I really wish he made the correct decision.
From now onwards, I'm not just playing as a role of a girlfriend. I'll be his partner, his unofficial-wife and his maid as well...hehehe. I'll make sure he's comfortable staying together with me. I'll make sure he'll become happier than he used to. There are things that we need to compromise. There are things that we need to sacrifice. All the best to you. Will always support and be there for you heaps :)

LKC...lets work hard for better tomorrow....


Anonymous said...

why are we d GIRLS who serve dem??? why cant dey be our maid??!! help!!