Monday, May 29, 2006

Weekend with differences

Been staying at home for the weekend as LKC wasn't in town this weekend. Was catching up with my back-dated tv series which I had not been watching it since errmm....after I came back from it has been more than a year, I reckon!

Started off The O.C marathon on Saturday morning as I had no idea on what to do for the weekend. Been trying to scan through all the episods that I had watched to refresh my memory on what was going on before that and trying to find which episod I last watched. Ah ha...there you are, Season 2 Episod 8, this was the episod where I last watched.

What keeps me motivated on continuing watching this tv series?

Been very excited with the Ryan-Marissa and Seth-Rachel relationship. Hoping that they always be together and yes...they did. After some datings and breakups, finally they're back together. Ryan-Marissa are the problem-child couple while Seth-Rachel are the silly-yet-funny couple.

While I was having The O.C marathon in my room, my sister was having her Jewel in the Palace marathon in the living room. The first thing we did in the morning wasn't brushing our teeth or having the breakfast. The first thing we did in the morning was turning on notebook/ tv and continue the marathon. I've finally finished watching Season 2 of the series and catched up with a few episods of Season 3, which I had been looking on the screen for errmm...I guess for almost 24 hours (16 episods of Season 2 and 5 episods of Season 3). The O.C fever is still very high right now, how I wish I don't have to work today and stay at home and continue the series. Sigh,too bad I didn't know my boss is on-leave today, if not, I should have save some episods into my notebook and watch it in the office, since I'm quite free lately. Hahaha....dreaming.

Oh yeah, I'm so in to The O.C now, almost forgotten that I went to Red Box Karaoke at The Curve on Saturday night to celebrate my jie-mui, Faye's birthday. Started our "concert" at around 11.30pm and ended the "concert" at 4am, the next morning. After the karaoke session, Faye had to send Jackson back to Setapak, so Faye, Manfred, Ayumi, Jackson and I went to Jalan Ipoh for hmmm...supper/ breakfast before sending Jackson back to Setapak. Reached home at 6am and slept for less than 5 hours. Wow, tiring but enjoyed myself. It's totally worth it!


Survon said...

Gosh...OC !!!

I had those OC from you last time and it ended in the middle of Season 2. Now I'm still stuck to the never ending OC kind of feeling. Where can I download/watch the remaining ar??

Lisan said...

go to to download, or go to