Friday, May 19, 2006

UEFA Champions League 2006


Sigh, I lost in the betting. Bet with Tarmizee on which team was going to win in this year UEFA Champions League, Arsenal vs Barcelona. I'm not someone who knows football very well. Was just betting it for fun. Luckily I just bet RM10, didn't increase the bet when Tarmizee asked for RM50. If not, there goes my RM50. Thought Arsenal would be very "jang hei" to win this game as this was their first time to go in to final. But it really disappointed every Arsenal supporters I guess. Why I bet Arsenal and not Barcelona? That's because of you lorr...LKC. You're Arsenal's fans, so I trusted you. Thought Arsenal really that good...but sigh, my RM10 gone in to Tarmizee's pocket already.