Monday, May 08, 2006


I was talking with LKC last night and we were discussing something which I had never thought about it until last night.Friends used to ask me about this question but I have never seriously thought and even discussed with LKC. Since I have been together with LKC for more than 4 years now, some friends told me that it's almost time for us to get married as it's not healthy for dating for such a long period. Marriage is not in our planning yet as both of us are considered young to get married at this age. LKC has been working for less than 3 years and I've been working for less than a year. We don't own a house/apartment, LKC's car is still on loan and I'm still driving the same car that my father bought for me 4 years ago.You can see that we're not financially stable right now. I have a list of things that I want/need to do now but marriage is not at the top or could I say it's not even on my list now.
Okay...back to the topic that LKC and I talked about last night. We were not discussing about marriage, we were discussing our life after getting married. LKC is working in Ipoh and I'm working in KL now, we only get to see each other in the weekend. It's fine for both of us at the moment, as we're actually used to be apart since we started to be together. Still remembered, 4 years ago when we started to be together, I only got to see LKC in the weekend only though we were staying very nearby. He was staying in USJ and I was staying in Sunway, which is considered quite near, but LKC made the decision for seeing each other only on the weekend. Things changed when I actually stayed at his place and we got to see each other everyday. In the year 2003, LKC finished his studies and moved back to Ipoh to work, I was alone again in KL as I had to study for my final semester in Inti before going to Australia. In the year 2004, I had left to Australia for one year and we never seen each other for a year. People always say, long-distance relationship never work. But I've proved that it works for us. How did we maintain our relationship? Through phone calls everyday. That's how we maintained our long-distance relationship. Back in 2005, I met LKC almost everyday until August, when I moved to KL and started my career here. Till now, I only got to meet LKC on the weekend. Don't you think I'm used to getting apart from LKC? Things seem to be fine now, when we are not attached to each other yet, but what about after we get married? Either one has to sacrifice or else we won't be able to find the best solution. I've told LKC that I won't be moving back to Ipoh to work and it's not a good choice for LKC to work in Ipoh for one whole life. You guys must be thinking, the best solution will be LKC moves to KL to work. The problem is LKC has to take care of his father in Ipoh. There's no way he'll leave his father alone in Ipoh and come to KL to work. And there's no way that I go back to Ipoh to work as there isn't any good jobs that I can find in Ipoh.
Maybe I'm thinking too much at the moment since we haven't planned to get married in these 2 years time. But all these have to be planned beforehand. Sigh...anyone has a better solution that will benefit both sides? Need your kind suggestions here.


ah - FaYe said...

wah!! thanks for praising me wor... keke i wrote so much cuz Im d free-iest among all lar. im sure dey all bz bz oni.. haii. btw, 1 small comment ar... d music in ur blog is vry nice, but abit loud le :P cuz evrytime click to ur blog sure got scared out cuz suddenly got music comes out. ryan oso told me tis too... d volume can lower kar??

Lisan said...

ehhh...i also dunno how to lower it down er. I guess the best way is to lower your speaker volume...hahaha