Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Say NO to Coffee!

Oh my oh my....look at the time now...it's 5am right now and why am I still awake at this odd hour? I should have been sleeping very soundly at this hour but not on tonight. It's all because of the stupid cup of coffee that I drank yesterday evening at Star Cruises. The power of caffeine is really "wow"...I had the coffee in between 3-6pm and it can keep me stay awake after 12 hours. My disgestion system is slow or what??!!
It has been such a long time since I last drank coffee...guess it had been more than 3 years since the last time I really had a cup of coffee for myself. Why do I remember so clearly the last time I took coffee? It is because I have not been a student for close to 2 years now. That means no burning midnight oil for close to 2 years. Never had my coffee back in Australia...only Milo...Milo...Milo.
Ok I got to admit, I was a better student when I was in Australia...still burnt midnight oil during exam period but not so much of "last-minute" studies. Not so much of keeping awake whole night long just to study for the exam except for the very last exam paper that I sat as a student.
I was a "just-in-time" (that's how LKC described) student way back to Inti College. Doubled-coffee (2 packs of Nescafe 3-in-1 in a go) could really kept me awake whole night long during the exam period but I will never ever finish the whole syllabus even till the very last minute before entering the exam hall. Without Nescafe, I guess I'd have failed most of the papers. But it wasn't a pleasant experience at all because my hands were shaking most of the time and always felt like vomitting throughout the night and also not to forget, going in and out from the toilet due to my allergy to dairy products (Nescafe contains creamer...creamer, I think is made off some dairy thingy)
After not touching the books (the educational type of books, I mean) for such a long period, I never really had to stay awake whole night long. (Going out to have fun...surely not counted lah! ) But soon, I will have to stay awake during the weekends because the migration project for Star Cruises will be starting in a week time. My work will only start on the late evening till dawn the next day. Guess Nescafe will be the best way to help me to stay awake during this period of time.
I learnt a lesson today - Say NO to Coffee if I don't intend to stay awake whole night long. It kills...I mean, it really kills. No kidding.