Thursday, October 19, 2006

I've been logging in to this blogger for many times. There are so many things that I would like to blog about. I want to blog about this and about that

I can't blog about that because I know that person will read my blog. For sure, he'll know I'm complaining about him in my blog and I don't know what will he do to me. There won't be any advantages to me if he knows about it. To play safe, better don't blog about that.
I want to blog about this but not too sure whether this thing is true or not. If it's not true, then I might be making a rumour, which I think better don't blog about this also. Some people might find this something to proud off, but some might think that it's so shameful. I'm not very close with both of them, so I don't really know how do they look at this matter. But I guess, to them, it's something to be very proud off, because I knew about it through somewhere very popular and it can be accessed by many many people. To play safe again, I'm not going to blog about this too.
As a conclusion, you can just ignore this post as I've not been blogging about anything but it's too late to ignore this post right now if you manage to read until this point. Oh yes...something just came to my mind. I haven't introduce my new friend to you all.
Name: Giraffe
Scientific name: Giraffa camelopardalis
Nick name: Giffy
D.O.B: 14th Oct 2006 @ 21:00
Place of birth: Night market @ The Curve
Value: RM6.00 (LKC paid)
Made off: Rubber
Lifespan: Very long (unless there's leakage of air)
Habitat: My room (to be specified, on my bed) or my living room
Skin colour: Yellow with some orange spots behind the head
Eye colour: Black
Height: 4 ft
Weight: Less than 100 gram
Purpose: To hit LKC, to use it as a float in case of emergency, to accompany me while sleeping, just to "bai leng", just to waste some space
p/s: Paullie, I didn't steal it from my niece. I actually plan to give it to my cid-cey-ceow.


ne3ko said...

hmm.. so complicated..
to blog or not to blog....
tat's a question.....
BUT.. u r rite.. to play safe..
dun simply blog to complain.. or comments..