Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Wow, I'm blogging from my Ipoh home. Got Streamyx installed at my Ipoh home now. I can online at anytime now even when I'm back to Ipoh.
Well, I just got back from my holiday to Betong, Thailand. It wasn't my plan to go there in the first place. I planned to go to either Pulau Pangkor or Cameron Highlands but ended up when to Thailand. Mum called and informed me that my brother will be going to Betong on Monday and asked whether I would like to follow or not. Since I hadn't been to this place before, so why not?
Our journey to Betong started at 2pm on Monday and we drove for almost 3 hours from Ipoh. Betong is not famous for anything except for the "terrorist attacks", the red light districts and also the communists. There isn't much things to do over there, except eat, massage and prostitutions. Didn't take much photos as there isn't anything special. Went to a communist village named "Yau Yee Chuen" (Friendship Village) and walked a tunnel built by the communist back in 1977. Learnt a little bit of the history but not going to blog about it here since my history is a "limited company" and I don't seem to remember very well no matter how hard I try. Will upload the photos when I'm free.
Oh...it's already Tuesday, few more days I'll have to go back to the hell aka KL. A boring and stressful place. Sigh...I should really enjoy my one week holiday. Oh yeah, it's the Nine Goddess Month now. Might be going to the Tow Boo Keong tonight to "jip sun". Signing off now...happy holiday!