Thursday, October 05, 2006

Happy mid autumn festival!

Tomorrow will be the Mid Autumn Festival or better known as Moon Cake Festival. I was supposed to go to Star Cruises in Port Klang early in the morning tomorrow. But according to one of the staff there, she told me that they'll be a high tide tomorrow morning. So I'll have to be there a bit later tomorrow to avoid the high tide. So then I asked her, isn't it normal that there will always have hugh tide and low tide. She told me that this high tide is due to the 15th day of the 8th Month in the lunar calendar. That means it's the Mid Autumn Festival. Then I asked her again, isn't it happen every year? She told me that it only happens once in every few year. The last high tide was 5 years back. I always find that Lunar Calendar is always the greatest as our datuk and nenek moyang were really good in calculating. On the every 15th day of the month, we'll always get the full moon. But one thing that I really don't understand is that in the Roman calendar, we'll have a leap year in every 4 yours. I understand why we'll have this leap year in every 4 years. But in the Lunar calendar, we'll have a "yun yuet" (don't know what it's called, that means in certain years you'll have the same month for twice). Like this year, we were celebrating 2 times of the Hungry Ghost Month (the 7th month). Hmm...really wonder how they did they calculate it? Anyway, since today is the 14th, it's my beloved niece, cid-cey-ceow's birthday. Happy Birthday, my dearest cid-cey-ceow!