Monday, October 02, 2006


Yeah...someone smart got the Riddle correctly. The answer is

Cock = 1
Hen = 29
Chicken = 70

For more explanations on how to get the answer, check out the complicated linear equation that Paullie used to get the answer from here.

But someone is even smarter than Paullie and that will be Mich. Paullie, Mich and myself will have KFC for 1 week...whew...

KFC --> Fattening --> More workout in gym --> Leaving the office asap to burn off the calories.

Have a nice day!


Survon said...

Eh, how come she's smarter? Because she will have KFC with you for 1 week?? POSTPONE IT! I'll join you girls next month...

Survon said...

Oh, I just read the comments from the original post. Alright....Mich is way much smarter...Only if she includes me in the treat. *blink blink*