Friday, August 18, 2006

Status update

It has been more than a week since I last blogged. Been very free lately but I just have nothing to blog about. Works have been quite relaxing this week as most of the tasks are completed for this project. The system is ready to go-live but the users are not ready to use the system yet. That's why the go-live date has been postponed for the second time, from beginning of August to mid of August to beginning of September now.
New project will be starting in September, but who will be involved in this project is still not determined yet. Do I want to qualify myself for this project? Hmm...yes and no. Yes is because I don't want to go back to office and do nothing, and I also want to get as much of exposure as possible. No, if the Project Manager is the @sshole that I mentioned on the previous posts. There are only four basis consultants in my company, two have gone to Kuantan for an upgrade project. That means only left me and my senior. Hmmm...wonder whether the bosses will give opportunity to another two "basis" consultants or not, whom have been sitting in the office since they joined. Anyway, we will be able to know soon...
The internet connection here is very bad. I tried to update my blog a few times, but everytime failed to publish my post. That made me fed up updating my blog. I wonder whether this post will be able to publish or not. Sorry if my online status always pop-up in your MSN. I know it's very annoying, but I really did not wish it to happen. It's just that the connection is too bad, I always got signed off from my MSN.


Survon said...

My connection is also very bad at home. My msn is also going on and off all the time. People pinging me asking me to stop fooling around. But not my fault, blame on the weak wifi antenna or the position of the router. Certainly not my fault. *sigh*