Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Life of a consultant is times. That's because we have a flexible working hour. So glad that the customers understand our needs and our situations. Went to the customer in KLCC there today for training and guess what, my senior and I finished the training and left the building at 4pm. The customer actually "forced" us to leave earlier as he knew that there are some roads that will be closed for the Merdeka celebration. To avoid us from being stucked in KLCC due to the roads closure or being stucked in the traffic jam due to the after office hour, he asked us to leave earlier. Owwhh...he's so nice. How I wish all the customers are like that. I'll definitely love this job very much!

Heard some news this afternoon...will share with you guys once the thing is confirmed. Better don't put too high hope on it first to avoid any disappointment.
Mum has been calling quite often lately...complaining about how naughty the little monster (aka cid-cey-ceow) at home. Whenever mum calls, I'll definitely heard the little monster screaming because she always wants to take my mum's handphone. When mum passes the phone to her and let her listen, she'll just keep quiet. No matter how naughty this little monster is, she'll always be the princess back at home. My brother and sis-in-law will not "manja" her too much, but my mum and dad will definitely "manja" her.