Saturday, August 26, 2006

I'm gonna be a healthy person

Finally, I made my decision to join today. Went to Celebrity Fitness in 1-Utama to enquire about the latest promotion and one of the consultant was really good in convincing me to join their club. I had tried Celebrity Fitness in Subang Parade before and felt that the environment is very good. Lala Chua told me that in The Curve is nice too, so I paid a visit to there last week but found out that it is not up to my expectation. Maybe I went to the Celebrity Fitness in Subang Parade first, which is more happening and nicer environment. That's why my expectation has been set higher for Fitness First.
From price wise, Fitness First's and Celebrity Fitness's prices are more a less the same. I'm paying for RM169 per month for Celebrity Fitness and I'm able to go to any of their outlets. As for Fitness First, I did not ask for the all-clubs membership, I only asked for the one-club membership, meaning that I can only go to the only club that I signed up my membership. The monthly fee for that is RM147. LKC also signed up with me, but he's only taking the one-club membership, which is RM149 per month.
I checked on my body fatness today. The reading is 16.3% of fat and my weight is 46kg right now. Hmm...wonder how much will I weigh after 1 month. I'm gonna look at two timetables right now, for Subang Parade and 1-Utama. Guess I'll be going to the one in Subang Parade more often on weekdays as I'll be working in Shah Alam. And as for weekend, I'll definitely have to go to 1-Utama because LKC can only go there. Upon of joining, I get 2 free sessions on personal training, which means there'll be a personal trainer trains me on how to use the equipment, which equipment to use to firm up a specified part of the body and etc. I'm so excited about it now.
With exercise and proper diet, will I be able to get back my shape like 5 years ago? The goal that I would like to set:-
  • lost 3-4 kgs, I'm weighing at 46kg now...hope to be at 42-43kg
  • firm and tone up my arms...which has been giving me alot of worries since...don't know when
  • waist - current measurement is 26" fat...hope to shed 2"
  • last but not least, my thighs.

Wish me luck! Hope I don't give up so fast.