Wednesday, August 23, 2006

What do I want in life?

Was reading Kate's blog few days back and she was mentioning about "What do you want in life?" Is it time for me to think about what do I want in life? Hmm...since young, when the teachers asked to write on "Cita-cita saya" or "My ambition", I always wanted to be an accountant. In Form 4, when we were required to choose the stream that we would like to study, I joined Science stream and took Principles of Account as an extra subject. I thought it wasn't a difficult subject as I always scored A1 for this subject. After sitting for the SPM, all of us had to decide for our future, decide for what we want to be. The first thing that came into my mind when deciding what course to take in college was Accounting. Did a number of research from here and there, and I ended up taking the ACCA course at Sunway College.
My dream of being an Accountant grew when one of the was my Audit subject lecturer if I'm not mistaken...told us that "You will only have to be in the office at 4.45pm to sign all the important documents. You'll be spending most of your time at the golf club to socialize with your customers". Wow...that's what I want, I thought. My interest changed when I was studying for the Level C in CAT. The subjects taught did not attract me at all. Cost accounting, Audit and Taxation are not my cup of tea. Anyhow, I still managed to pass my CAT and studied for Level 2 of ACCA. My interest on accounting faded and I had decided to change to another course. Still remember that I told LKC once that I would want to continue the ACCA course. My father even asked me to stop working and he's willing to continue paying for my course fees and expenses.
At this point in time, I thought about what I want in life. I was very lucky to start my career with the job that I have now. At that time, I put aside my dream of being an accountant and concentrate on what I'm doing right now. At this moment, I would still like to grow on this career. I always have a dream on going overseas to work...Europe, US, Hong Kong or Australia...either one. What do I want to do there? Hopefully, it's on the thing that I'm working in. Since I'm still young right now, is it the time for me to go somewhere to see other parts of the world? I always thought of going back to Australia to stay. At that time, I was only a student. I wonder how does it feel working in Australia. Does it so stressful like in Malaysia? Will I still enjoy myself like two years back? Hmm...I really wish to know the answers.
As a conclusion, what do I want in life? Hmm...age changes. Perspective changes. Dream changes. Demand changes. What I want in life at this point in time might not be what I want at the next moment. So, why do we care so much on what we want in life? Just enjoy with what we have now. Let it works out naturally. Dreams can always be remained in our heart as dreams.