Sunday, February 26, 2006

Great concert!

Went to Leo Ku's and Miriam Yeung's concert on last Saturday. A very great concert indeed as both of them are very talented singers and their songs are just great. Miriam is really a very sweet and pretty girl and she was very funny too. Leo Ku is cute and handsome. Oh "just deeply in love" with both of them. Two thumbs up for the whole concert. Justin was the guest of honour for the concert. Anyway, too lazy to write too much. Didn't blog for quite sometime, too many things that I would like to blog about but I just don't have the mood and the time to blog it. For the time being, enjoy the photos that I took in the concert...hehehe.


Survon said...

eh...the picture so close to the much did u buy for the ticket?

Lisan said...

I bought the RM300++ tickets, but got discount lar. These pictures were took just in front of the stage coz I rushed to the front to shake hand with them, but too bad, I'm too short, couldn't reach their hands...sob sob

SweetSourBitter said...

wah.. get to see them upclose! Nice :D