Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Life is so difficult

My dearest LKC is too smart in calculating every cents and dollars. Before he left for Phillipines, we already had a gift-meal system. So, what is this gift-meal system? It is a system whereby when he purchases something for me, I will have to pay him back a meal in exchange of the present. During the CNY, we went to purchase Leo Ku's and Miriam Yeung's concert tickets. The tickets cost us around RM500. In exchange of the tickets, I have to pay him back 3 meals. So, when we came back to KL after the CNY holiday, I already paid him back one dinner at the Esquire Kitchen. So only left 2 meals that I need to clear off. today, I had to bargain with him for the meals that I owed him. Here's our conversation for this evening:-
LKC: I bought you 3 Guess T-Shirts, costs around RM200. So, this will be your valentine's day presents. What did you get for me for valentine's day?
Me: Eh...I haven't got anything for you. Why not I treat you a dinner.
LKC: OK. One piece is very nice one, I like it very much, I'm sure you'll like it too.
Me: What if I don't like it?
LKC: I'm sure you'll like it. If you like it, then another 1 meal for me.
Me: Cheh...I can choose not to tell you even if I like it.
LKC: If you wear it, that means you like it.
Me: Huh...where got such thing. 1 meal = 1 meal. Like that I don't want the shirts go and sell it to other people ler.
LKC: You're sure you don't want ar...very nice one'll like it one wor...
Blah blah blah...yada yada yada...So, the conversation went on until I managed to bargain for 3 shirts = 1 meal. So, in exchange of the 3 pieces of Guess T-Shirts (Valentine's Day present from LKC), I will have to treat him for a dinner. But in this morning, I "purposely" deducted one meal from him for blaming him borrowing my notebook to his colleague without my permission. So now has became 1 meal left over (from the concert). From the balance of 1 meal being carried forward, I'm owing him 2 meals now (1 for concert, and 1 for the v day dinner).
LKC: I bought a lot of dried mangoes, 6 packets. I'll give it to you in exchange of 1 meal. Ok? So, now 4 meals.
Me: Where got 4? Just now only 2 meals.
LKC: No ar...3 lar.
Me: 2 lar...minus off this morning, you borrowed my notebook to your colleague.
LKC: lan si. Ok ok. 1 pack of dried mangoes in exchange of 1 meal. I'll give u 2. So another 2 meals. I'll give your mother another 2. So add another 2 meals. So become 6 meals now.
Me: Wahh..your dried mangoes very expensive ar?
LKC: Ya lar...very tasty one. The phillipines export the dried mangoes. Really very nice one ar. You try one, you'll sure ask for more.
Me: You give me some discounts first.
LKC: Ok lor...2 packets in exchange of 1 meal. Deal?
Me: No...3 packets for 1 meal? How much is a packet?
LKC: Around RM10 lor.
Me: Ok, then just nice. 3*RM10. Just nice for a meal.
LKC: Wah...cannot give you all. Later not enought to give your mum. I give you 2 packets, then 2 for your mum.
Me: Then 4 packets for 1 meal lor. I treat you a bit more expensive meal. A bit only ar.
LKC: Ok deal, to you like fish market. Have to bargain. So now 3 meals ar. Deal...seal. Hey, what if I give you coins, pens and souviners, can I exchange for 1 more meal?
Me: I give you back Australia's one. We exchange the sourvenirs.
LKC: Huh...I don't want Australia's one wor.
Me: You cannot choose.
Oh gosh, it's so tiring "bargaining" with this too smart LKC. There are some bargaining sessions after that, but I'm just too tired to write it somemore. Sigh...luckily, after all the bargains, I only owe him 3 meals. It's worthy to fight with him...hehehehe


Survon said...

2 packets for your mom. Why don't you ask him to claim that meal from you mom? Then you can save 1 meal. haha

SweetSourBitter said...

Fight fight fight.. bargain bargain bargain... makes life more interesting rite? :P